Frequently Asked Questions


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How many dogs are walked at any one time?

Big Tony's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services are fully insured to walk a maximum of 6 dogs. I carefully select which dogs are to be walked together using personality, age, sex and breed in mind. We will discuss the best way to walk your dog at our free consultation.

What happens if I need to cancel my dogs walk?

I ask that you contact me 24 hours in advance to cancel any form of pet care for no charges to apply. I understand that this is not always possible and in these circumstances each case we will be taken on merit.

Do you walk a bitch whilst she is in season?

It is at my discretion if I walk bitch whilst in season. If I decide they will, the dog will be walked from the home and not transported by car. All walks will be on a lead and I reserve the right to take dogs home early if there is a need to.

I only require occasional walks or home visits, is this possible?

Absolutely, yes, Big Tony's Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services pride myself on being as flexible as possible. We will always aim to provide our services even on short notice.I do ask though that you give us as much notice as possible to guarantee a space.

Can you administer my pets medication?

Yes, I am able to administer your pet's medication, with written consent from the owner. I am trained in Canine First Aid.

Do you walk dogs off lead?

If you would like me to walk your dog off lead I will do my best for this to happen. There are several factors taken into account before allowing any dog off lead, these include, your dog has a reliable recall, whether it is safe to do so and having a signed off lead consent form from the owner.

How do you collect my dog from the property?

I usually have a key to enter the property and collect your dog from their usual area of the house. No details of you, your address or your pet are kept with the keys and each key is memorized to the dog.

What are your opening hours?

I will try to accommodate all client requests. However typically our Dog Walking and Pet Care Visits services are during the hours of 9 - 5. There may be additional charges and limited spaces for bank holidays.