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At Big Tony's, pet safety is one of our main priorities. Big Tony's van is fitted with bespoke transit boxes which are the choice of Guide Dogs for the Blind, RSPCA and The Dogs Trust, custom made by GUARDSMAN.
The cages have escape hatches so that if there is ever a crash, your dog will always be able to exit the vehicle, quickly and safely. Not all transit boxes will support your dog safely in an accident.

Remember that:

  • A loose dog can become a flying missile if the car stops abruptly or is hit by another car.

  • If the car windows break or the doors pop open in an accident, a loose dog can escape, get hit on the road, or run off and become lost.

  • An unsecured dog can interfere with the efforts of rescue workers in an emergency.

The RAC say in relation to transporting dogs:

'While pet owners may feel they know how their dog behaves in the car, nobody can predict what might happen around the next corner or how a dog would react in or after an accident. The best way to ensure the safety and security of everybody in a vehicle when traveling with a pet is to make sure it is properly restrained.'

What areas do you cover?

I offer pickup and drop off to customers living within a 7-mile radius of my home address. This includes  Meols, Hoylake, West Kirby, Greasby, Upton, Thurstaston, Pensby, Irby, and Heswall. Please ask if you are not sure if you live inside the radius.

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